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Ergonomic vs Ambidextrous Mouse: Which Should You Choose?

Comparing the pros and cons of ergonomic and ambidextrous mice to find the perfect fit for you. Choose wisely for optimal comfort and performance.

12 Apr 2024

8 Keys To Troubleshooting Wireless Mouse Connection Issues In Windows

Learn how to troubleshoot wireless mouse connection issues in Windows with these 8 key tips. Resolve connectivity problems and get your mouse working smoothly.

28 Mar 2024

What is Polling Rate and How to Measure It?

Polling rate is the frequency at which your mouse sends data to the computer. You can determine the polling rate of your mouse either by looking it up online or using an online polling rate tester tool.

20 Jan 2024

How to Convert Valorant Sensitivity to CSGO / CS2

Use this simple tool to your Valorant sensitivity to CSGO/CS2 and vice versa.

15 Jan 2024

What is eDPI?

eDPI (effective DPI) is calculated by multiplying mouse DPI with the in-game sensitivity. It is useful for comparing sensitivities of different players, regardless of their hardware or software settings.

12 Jan 2024

How to check Mouse DPI?

There are various ways to check your mouse DPI, you can use the driver software, product specifications or use our free online tool to estimate your mouse DPI.

11 Jan 2024

What is Mouse DPI?

DPI (Dots per inch) is a measure of a mouse's sensitivity. A higher DPI means that the mouse cursor will move farther on the screen for each inch that the mouse is moved and vice versa.

10 Jan 2024