Mouse EDPI Calculator


Calculate eDPI by entering your in-game sensitivity and mouse DPI above


How to calculate eDPI?

It's actually pretty simple; just multiply your mouse sensitivity with your mouse DPI and you will have your eDPI. You can either do that manually or you can calculate your eDPI by entering your mouse sensitivity for any game (Valorant, Fortnite, CS 2, etc.) and your mouse DPI in the above tool.

What is eDPI?

eDPI stands for effective Dots Per Inch, and it's calculated by multiplying the mouse DPI with the ingame sensitivity. This gives gamers a way of comparing the true sensitivity of different players, regardless of their hardware or software settings.

How is eDPI useful?

It is a much better way to compare your in-game sensitivity with that of your friends, because let's say you play Valorant with 0.350 sensitivity with a mouse that has 800 DPI and your friend plays with 0.175 sensitivity but with a 1600 DPI mouse. You are both actually moving your mouse the same distance for a 360-degree no-scope kill, even though your sensitivity is two times higher than your friend. Now if you calculate eDPI for you and your friend, you two will have the same eDPI, i.e., 280. So, instead of comparing your sensitivity, you can compare your eDPI.


What is the best eDPI?

There is no "best" eDPI. It all comes down to what you are most comfortable with when it comes to mouse sensitivity or mouse DPI. However, if you really think that your eDPI is too low or high, You can look up the eDPI of the top players of the game you are playing and try to increase or decrease your settings until you reach the desired results. Just remember, if something works for someone else, it does not mean it will also work for you.

Generally, games that require more precise cursor movement tend to be better with a lower eDPI, while games where you need to make fast and big mouse movements benefit more from a higher eDPI.