Polling Rate Tester

Find out the polling rate of your mouse

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What is Polling Rate?

Polling rate is the frequency at which your mouse sends data to the computer. A higher polling rate means that the mouse sends data to the computer more frequently.

Learn more in What is Polling Rate and How to Measure It?


First make sure
  1. You are using the latest version of Google Chrome
  2. Power is connected if you are on a Laptop
  3. Your PC and Browser are not using Power Saving mode
Now, scroll back up to the top
  1. Click to lock your mouse and start the test
  2. Constantly move your mouse with varying speed
  3. RAW shows the polling rate in realtime
  4. MAX will show the maximum polling rate that was measured
  5. Click again to unlock your mouse and end the test
  6. Repeat the test a few times to filter out any miscalculations

Generally, most mice have polling rates of 125, 500, 1000, 2000, etc. So you can round the raw polling rate to a multiple of 100, and that should be a pretty good approximation of your mouse's polling rate.



Q. Do I need to disable 'Enhance Pointer Precision' in windows settings?

A. No, this tool uses raw input from your mouse so it will work fine regardless.

Q. Do I need to have default mouse sensitivity in windows settings?

A. It is not required and the tool will work perfectly regardless of the sensitivity selected in windows settings.

Q. The tool is not working properly?

A. This website works best when the power is plugged in and using the latest version of Google Chrome, if you are doing everything correctly and still facing issues, let me know by sending a message.